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What are cookies?

In order to function and meet the needs and preferences of visitors, our Website ( needs certain information about its visitors. The collection of this information is done through the use of cookies. They are small text files that are saved on your computer, mobile or other device when you visit our Website. In general, the information collected through the use of cookies does not allow the identification of the Website visitors. If this is possible, we will notify you in advance and collect such information about you only if you provide your explicit consent.

2. What cookies does Besha-B Ltd. use on its Website and what is their purpose?

2.1.   For the purposes of the normal functioning of the Website, for the optimization of its functionalities, as well as for the improvement of the online experience of its visitors, we use session and persistent cookies, first party and third party cookies.

Session cookies are a type of cookie that is stored on the user's device when you visit the website and is deleted automatically when you close the web browser.

Persistent cookies are a type of cookies that is stored on the user's device when visiting the website for a certain, longer period of time, as they allow the website to recognize your browser on subsequent visits.

First party cookies are a type of cookies that is installed and managed by Besha-B Ltd. mainly for the purposes of the services provided through the Website.

Third party cookies are a type of cookies that is installed and managed by third parties mainly for statistical purposes, namely analysis of the website traffic and behavior of visitors to the Website.

2.2. In particular, we use the following types of cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies
This type of cookies is necessary for the normal operation of our Website. Without them, you will not be able to navigate the Website or take advantage of its features.

Performance cookies
These cookies only allow us to measure the number of visitors to the Website and the sources from which they access it. The information stored by performance cookies helps us understand how you use our website, remember and verify the history of your previous visits, what you viewed or marked, or how you found us. With the help of this information, we understand which pages and actions are more popular than others and use this data only in order to improve our Website to provide a better user experience.

Cookies for statistical purposes, representing third party cookies
In particular, the website has cookies installed, which allow the performance of web analysis using the product Google Analytics
Google Analytics is used to compile general statistics on the number of visits, countries from which visitors come, how much time they spend on the website, which pages they view, etc., and the information collected about visitors does not include personal data, including IP address.
Detailed information on terms of use and data protection can be found on or on

Rolex section
We inform you that while browsing the Rolex section available on the Website, you may have contact to or other access to the embedded website In regard to the interactions with that website, only the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy installed and accessed on that website apply.

Your capabilities - how to control cookies

When entering the Website, you will have access to an information text ("cookie bar"), which provides you with the following options:

  1. Receive more detailed information about the cookies used, which will refer you to this Cookie Policy without causing the installation of cookies, other than those without which the website would not be able to function;
  2. Consent to install all cookies (by clicking the "Accept all" button);
  3. Customize your preferences as to which cookies can be installed by enabling the option to install statistical cookies.

Using the cookie options, you can customize cookies for statistical purposes, save and change the settings you have set at any time.

If you want to customize the cookies used, you can do so not only through the cookie bar, but also through the settings of your browser and / or through those of the device used.

We would like to inform you that you can withdraw the consent you initially gave (in cases where we needed it to install cookies for statistical purposes) at any time. To disable cookies for efficiency and stop using them click here.

You can also get more information about the management of cookies at

This Cookie Policy of Besha-B Ltd. has been approved by the manager of the company and is in force as of 17.11.2020. In case of any amendments you will be notified by a message on the website of Besha-B Ltd. or in another appropriate way.

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