About us

About us

BESHA – those strange sounding five letters are indeed the abbreveation from the name of Bedros Shakaryan - our father and founder, a lifelong mentor and ambassador of the Swiss watchmaking expertise.

His ambition and dedication to the watchmaking profession were recognized by Rolex and the iconic brand chose his workshop as the only official Rolex service center in Bulgaria.Our father’s passion for watchmaking was handed down to the younger generation.

First Ashod Shakaryan and later Ani Shakaryan became part of the family company. Together with our team we devote our time to make customers feel exceptionally in the only possible way we know – The Rolex way. 



1989 has marked the beginning of the private initiative in Bulgaria. Mr. Bedros Shakaryan, being an entrepreneur, opened the first privately owned watchmaking service in Sofia.


Ten years later, in 1999, inspired by his mentor Mr. Shakaryan's son, Ashod, joined the shop. Highly motivated he passed extensive training courses in Switzerland at brands such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Ulysse Nardin becoming an expert watchmaker.

In few years his mother joined the family business as well.


After a decade and a half, in 2005 Rolex voted an exceptional trust to the Shakaryan family, due to their undisputable professionalism and Besha became the official Rolex representative in Bulgaria. A small Rolex boutique opened its doors on 36 Solunska Str., right next to the workshop.

The boutique had a great success, but the limited space was insuficent and in only three years Besha needed to expand.


Since 2008 the family has been welcoming its distinguished customers in a new spacious, luxurious atmosphere at the very heart of Sofia, 34 Vitosha Blvd.


In 2014 Mr. Shakaryan's daughter, Ani, entered into the Marketing and Communications activities of the company.


Besha celebrates 30 years anniversary partnership with Rolex

Besha celebrates 30 years anniversary partnership with Rolex

Family Shakaryan welcomed its clients with a unique exhibition and a stylish dinner

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Rolex Boutique

34 Vitosha Blvd. ,
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
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34 Vitosha Blvd. ,
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 2 980 84 39,
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