Rolex is the brand that shapes modern watchmaking. It is symbol of prestige, watchmaking expertise and quality.

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Besha, Sofia, Bulgaria is proud to be part of a worldwide network of official Rolex representatives, who have the rights to sell and maintain the watches of the brand. We guarantee the authenticity of your new Rolex and supplement its international guarantee with the needed skills, technical knowledge and special equipment. You are welcome to have a look at the Rolex collection above or to contact us in order to book an appointment with our sales team, which will help you to make a choice of a lifetime.

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Rolex Boutique

34 Vitosha Blvd. ,
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 2 981 38 70
+359 899 876 369


34 Vitosha Blvd. ,
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 2 980 84 39,
+359 882 908 244

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