Terms of use

I. General

Please read in detail the Terms of use described below, containing information about the Website https://www.besha.bg/ and its functionalities.

II. Definitions

When interpreting and applying these Terms of use, the terms and phrases used therein have the following meanings:

  1. The website https://www.besha.bg/ is a separate place in the global network, accessible through its unified electronic address;

  2. The provider is the company Besha-B Ltd., registered according to the requirements of the Commercial Аct and entered in the Commercial Register and the register of non-profit organizations at the Registry Agency with UIC 200702411, with registered office and address of management: Sofia district, Stolichna municipality, Sofia 1000, 36 Solunska Str., office “Center” . You can contact the provider at the following telephone number: + 359 899 876 369 and / or e-mail: info@besha.bg. Besha-B Ltd. is part of the international network of official representatives of Rolex, who have the right to sell and maintain watches of the brand. The company is registered in the Register for persons engaged in mining/extraction, processing and transactions with precious metals and gems and products with and made from them by occupation at the Ministry of Economy.

  3. Visitor - a person who accesses the Website and the information published on it and / or uses its functionalities (contact form, appointment form, access to and review of published information, news, etc.);

  4. Contact form is electronically provided form, available at https://www.besha.bg/en/contact-us/. The filling of its the mandatory fields provides an opportunity to contact the Provider on the issue - subject of the request.

  5. The appointment form is electronically provided form, available at https://www.besha.bg/en/book-an-appointment/, the completion of whose mandatory fields provides the opportunity to book an appointment for a visit to a boutique or for а repair of a watch at the Provider through the Website.

III. Purpose of the Website

3.1. The Website is intended only to inform Visitors about the items offered by the Provider (by providing information about their technical characteristics, design, price, etc.) and in general about the professional activities of the Provider, including current news, events, and other activities, directly related to its main commercial activity. This Website does not provide the opportunity for ordering of goods and / or services. In case you are willing to conclude a contract with the Provider with a subject - an item offered by him, please contact us at the indicated phone number and / or contact email, using the Contact form or be welcomed at our boutique.

3.2. In case a Website Visitor wishes to make an appointment to visit our boutique or to repair a watch, he/she should fill in the Appointment form, available here: https://www.besha.bg/en/book-an-appointment/.

3.3 The Website provides access to the published information without the need for registration by its visitors.

3.4 The website provides an opportunity to contact the Provider on a specific request (question of interest to the Visitor) through the functionalities of the Contact form, available here: https://www.besha.bg/en/contact-us/.

IV. Rights and obligations of the Provider

4.1. The Provider has the following rights:

4.1.1. The Provider has the right to make changes to the Website at any time in his sole discretion, without obligation to notify third parties and without liability.

4.1.2. The Provider has the right at any time and at his discretion to update, change, expand, add, supplement or remove information and / or separate functionalities of the Website.

4.1.3. The Provider has the right at any time and at his discretion to change the form and content of the Website, as well as to temporarily suspend its operation in order to renew the content or improve its functionality, as well as for other technical reasons.

4.2. The Provider has the following obligations:

4.2.1. The Provider makes efforts to maintain the Website, and the same has the right at his own discretion and at any time to terminate its maintenance.

4.2.2. The Provider is obliged to comply with the provisions for protection of personal data obtained through the use of the Website provided in the applicable legislation and in the Privacy Policy of Besha-B Ltd.

4.2.3. The Provider is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the content of the Website. The Provider shall not be liable for damages and losses incurred by users as a result of the use of this Website and the materials published on it. In this regard, the Provider informs the Visitors that the information published on the Website about the offered items (whether by automatic means or manually) is in full compliance with the information specified by the manufacturer of the item and it is not subject to change by the Provider.

4.2.4. The Provider is not liable for damages caused as a result of a user error, computer virus, omission, interruption or problem in the system that maintains the integrity and structure of this Website.

4.2.5. The Provider shall not be liable in case of force majeure, accidental events, internet problems, technical or other objective reasons, including orders of the competent state authorities, which impede the fulfillment of its obligations under these Terms of use. The Provider is not responsible for the time during which the Website was not available due to force majeure. Force majeure is considered to be fire, flood, extraordinary circumstances, war, blockade, earthquake and any other manifestations of extraordinary nature, actions and / or events, the prevention, occurrence, suspension, management and failure of which is beyond the control of the Provider. Actions or acts of competent state authorities limiting the powers or functions of the Provider are also considered force majeure.

V. Rights and obligations of Visitors

5.1. Visitors have the following rights:

5.1.1. To freely view the content of the Website.

5.1.2. To contact the Provider through the Contact form available on the Website.

5.1.3. To make an appointment to visit a boutique or to repair a watch at the Provider through the functionalities of the Appointment form.

5.2. Visitors have the following obligations:

5.2.1. To use the Website and its functionalities in good faith, lawfully and in accordance with these Terms of use.

5.2.2. Not to modify, copy, amend, duplicate, create derivative or customized, separate or complete parts of the Website.

5.2.3. Not to disable and / or disrupt the full or partial functionality of the Website.

5.2.4. Not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part of the Website and / or to the servers on which it is located.

5.2.5. Not to use trademarks of the Provider, published on the Website, as well as other objects of intellectual property - property of the Provider and / or third parties.

VI. Processing of personal data and Cookie Policy

6.1. The processing of personal data provided by the Visitors using the Contact form and the Application form, available on the Website, is carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Provider (available here).

6.2. The Website also uses cookie technology. More information about the cookies used is available in the Cookie Policy (available here).

VII.Providing additional information from external sources

7.1. It is possible to place links to external websites on the Website. These links are provided to help Visitors find certain additional information more easily and quickly. In this regard, Visitors should be aware that while browsing the Rolex section available on the Website, they may have access tothe embedded website www.rolex.com. With respect to interactions with that website, only the Terms of use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy installed and accessible on that website are applicable.

7.2. The Provider is not responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the information contained in external websites, as well as for any type of change of information on these websites, undertaken by its operator or due to technical or other reasons.

7.3. The Provider shall not be liable for damages incurred as a result of actions taken by Visitors based on the use of information published on external websites.

VIII. Intellectual property

8.1. All components of the content of the Website, including text, drawings, graphics, sketches, photos, designs, videos, software programs, etc., are subject to copyright within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act and are the exclusive property of the Provider and / or its partners who have submitted the relevant materials for publication. Access to the Website should in no way be considered or interpreted as a grant of licenses or intellectual property rights.

IX. Changes to the Terms of use

9.1. The Provider may periodically make changes to the Terms of use, of which Visitors will be notified by notice on the Website or in another appropriate manner.

X. Jurisdiction

10.1. The Terms of use of this Website are subject to and must be interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The possible invalidity of any of the provisions of these Terms of use will not lead to the invalidity of the Terms in their entirety.

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